Wolf Attacks

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* 9 y/o, male Saturday, July 10, 2013
In the Kreeri area of Baramulla district, north of Srinagar, India, a boy was with his friends was attacked and fatally wounded by a wolf. The boy had claw marks and fatal wounds to the neck. It was the second such incident in Kreeri in a twenty – four hour period.

* 6 y/o, male Friday, July 09, 2013
Two wolves came out of a wooded area and entered into a village named Harshunar, in the Kreeri region of northern Kashmir, India, and killed a six year old boy. Despite a shoot – to – kill order for wolves in the area issued that day, this incident was followed by another in Kreeri the next day.

* 80 y/o, male June 12, 2013
An 80 year old shepherd was attacked and killed by a wolf in the village of Hacılar, near the town of Tortum (Erzurum province, eastern Turkey). The wolf also wounded four more people, one of whom was reported to have saved himself from a second attack by climbing a tree. The wolf was shot and killed and its body was sent to a lab for rabies testing.

* 30 y/o, female June 17, 2012
A 30 year old woman working as an animal keeper in Kolmården Wildlife Park, outside Norrköping in Sweden was killed by tame wolves while working inside their enclosure.

* An 8 – year – old boy and a 64 – year – old woman March 19, 2012
Tengzhou, Shandong Province, China. Several pupils were seriously attacked by a wolf on their way to school, one killed. A woman was also killed and fed upon by the same wolf while doing farm work. Following these attacks, the wolf was fataly shot by Chinese police.

* Candice Berner, 32, female March 8, 2010 (discovered)
Berner, a teacher and avid jogger, was found dead along a road near Chignik Lake, Alaska, a village about 475 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. Snowmobilers found her mutilated body with wolf tracks in the adjacent snow. The Alaska State Medical Examiner ruled that her death was caused by “multiple injuries due to animal mauling.”

* Woman February 10, 2009
Village of Giorgitsminda, about 40 kilometres from Tbilisi, Georgia.

* 8-year old boy April 6, 2006
Nakhodka, Eastern Russia. Two eight-year-old boys had approached the wolf enclosure in the Nakhodka Zoo, with one boy stretching out his hand to stroke the animals. One wolf bit the boy, and another seized hold of his leg. Although the child escaped, he was found dead early next morning.

* Kenton Joel Carnegie, 22, male November 8, 2005
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Carnegie had gone for a walk and didn’t return to the surveyors’ camp where he was working. His body was found partially consumed in an area known to be frequented by four wolves which regularly fed on human refuse. The pathologist who performed the autopsy, testified Carnegie had lost about 25% to 30% of his body mass in the attack, with the top midsection to the thigh having been partially consumed. Although originally the possibility that the culprit was an American Black Bear was not ruled out, a coroners’ jury concluded after a two-year inquiry that the attackers had indeed been wolves.

* Two people 2005
Khost province, Afghanistan. Occurred during what was considered the worst Afghan Winter in over a decade.

* Four people 2005
Naka, Paktia province, Afghanistan. Two victims were killed during trips to other villages.

* Two people Early February, 2005
Muinak district, western Uzbekistan.

* Homeless man January 2, 2005
Village of Vali-Asr, near the town of Torbat Heydariya, northeastern Iran. Wolves entering the village seeking refuge from harsh weather attacked an elderly homeless man in front of witnesses. Those witnessing the incident attempted to fight off the wolves, while waiting for police assistance. Police intervention never came, and the victim died.

* Three people Winter, 2003
Astrakhan Oblast, Russia.

* Three shepherds Winter, 2003
Sredneakhtubinsky District, Russia.

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