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Many people feel that this artist is one of the best of a generation yet so many people have never heard of him. What does that say about civilization? How can so many people go on turning a blind eye to the world around them? If you have never indulged in Munly I highly suggest you immediately schedule some time to rectify that situation as soon as possible. This music has changed my life and helped to mold me into the person that I am today. I have had so many experiences that I associate with this music. When I hear certain songs I can be transported through time and space to a memory of another experience. I remember the summer I worked cleaning motel rooms at a resort. The janitorial products that we had in our “cleaning carts” had to be replaced each week with an accounting of how many toilet paper rolls, and how many paper hand towels were used in each room. I had to refill each of the hand sanitizer bottles in each bathroom, the  tissue boxes, the little soaps and lotions, shampoo give-a-ways. I also carried a cob web duster, clear trash bags, a mop, broom and and various cleaners for the floor and bathroom sinks / counters.  I felt that I was a walking janitorial supply store with all the cleaning supplies. But all the while I was cleaning, I wore a headset with the music of Munly blasting in my ears. I still associate Amen Corner with washing floors and dusting!

I remember one room I cleaned had what turned out to be a discarded box full of kits for at home std test from in the bathroom. The only reason I say std test kit was because the instructions were left on the bathroom counter. Oh boy, I thought. I hope the results were negative. At the time I was amazed there were such test kits. I always thought you had to go to your doctor or a clinic to be tested for stds. The next time I went to the drug store I looked for std kits, but found none. Later a friend told me that in Europe they sell them over the counter, but in the US you have to order them online. Boy, you learn something new every day.

One of their most popular songs is about bling, or jewelry, and how it can often be a false replacement for something else. It makes me think of the gorgeous cubic zirconia ring my old boyfriend gave me and how that made me feel. This kind of ring is one with a cz setting that looks very much like a diamond. The cz crystals are actually even more brilliant that a diamond, so these kinds of rings are often called fake engagement rings. I found the store where he bought it and they carry are really beautiful collection of these rings. I felt so happy when he first gave me that ring that I still long to get that feeling back, although I realize that’s the emotional connection I have with the songs.

Anyway, their music can be very emotional. I’m sure that each of you can think of a smell or a sound that evokes those type of emotions from you. In this I am sure we can all relate.It can be very emotional. I’m sure that each of you can think of a smell or a sound that evokes those type of emotions from you. In this I am sure we can all relate.

Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots (2004)


1. Amen Corner

2. Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar

3. Old Service Road

4. Another One About Jesus, A Wedding Sheet, And A Bowie Knife

5. Cassius Castrato The She-Male Of The Men’s Prison

6. Ragin’ Cajun

7. Song Rebecca Calls, ‘that birdcage song,’ Which It Never Really Was But Now Kind Of Is Because Of All Her Influence…

8. Goose Walking Over My Grave

9. The Leavening Of The Spit-Bread Girls

10. A Gentle Man’s Jihad

11. The Denver Boot Redux

12. Of Silas Fauntleroy’s Willingness To Impress The Panel

13. Jacob Dumb

14. My Second Salvation Army Choir

15. River Forktine Tippecanoe

Jimmy Carter Syndrome (2002)


1. My Darling Sambo

2. Circle Round My Bedside

3. Cooney Vs. Munly

4. Haggie Hennies Almost Dirty Dress

5. Censer From The Footlights

6. Spill The Wine

7. The Denver Boot

8. Weegee… The Uninvited… Blues #2

9. Dar He Drone

10. Cattle, I Will Hang

11. Chant Down Cap’n

12. The Fabulous History Of The Churhill Falls Barrel Races

Blurry (1996) on iTunes


1. Virgin of Manhattan

2. Hang On With Eskimos

3. Baptists and Barbiturates

4. Tonto

5. Too Fat To Walk

6. Kidneys Running Dry

7. Once Again

8. Stupid is Forever

9. Heater

10. No Dead Fuel

11. Karp

Munly De Dar He (1997) on iTunes


1. Tried and True Against the Law

2. Chutzpa

3. My Erziehung

4. Shoot Her With a Good Hand Gun

5. Seven Warts on Pa’s Belly

6. Austria’s First Fever

7. Teach Pachyderms to Swim

8. Floating on Huron

9. Country Train

10. Shame

11. Saucy Wench

12. Turk From an Angel

Galvanized Yankee (1999) on iTunes


1. Funeral Blues

2. All Men Are Divine

3. Pretty Saro

4. Death Ain’t You Got No Shame

5. The Why And The Wherefore

6. Who Will Care For Mother Now

7. A Long Time Ago

8. Cluck Old Hen

9. Virgin Of Manhattan

10. Marching Along

11. Parting Glass

12. Math Made Easy

M&tLLH (2004) on iTunes

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