Info II

Frieda Stalheim has played for numerous bands. She processes her violin through various effects pedals to create unique textures and sounds. After Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots. she collaborated with singer-songwriter Blake Brown on Americana of Bare Bones. Frieda and Elin were long time friends since meeting at the Denver School of the Arts in the mid-90s.

Paul Bradley was the latest addition to the band.

NOTE: Jeff Linsenmaier, Elin Palmer and Frieda Stalheim have left the band, but are still active in the music industry.

The Top Tracks

The top played tracks from Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots repertoire are:

Jacob Dumb
Amen Corner
Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar
Goose Walking Over My Grave
Old Service Road
A Gentle Man’s Jihad
The Leavening of the Spit-Bread Girls
Another Song About Jesus, A Wedding Sheet, And A Bowie Knife
‘Ragin’ Cajun’
Cassius Castrato The She-Male Of The Mens Prison


Lyrics to Jacob Dumb

She gave me head and heroin as sure as the sun would set
She let me cum onto her chin yet there’s one thing that I still regret
She gave me my son of Jacob Dumb this child has been my hell
Nary one with a tongue to wean him from himself

Jacob Dumb you wean from yourself

Jacob Dumb he’d sit with us our pine-board porch each night
mumble out the songs I played he sat between the legs of my wife
Paws on her thighs, tried to pass his age, he sang though his throat was young
A fly laid an egg, my wife shifted her weight, Jacob, don’t live your name Dumb

Jacob Dumb well don’t live your name

Our porch became a teeter totter
when Jacob dropped down he fell far from his father
My wife shift of weight forced Jacob so much closer
Jacob dumb you are my shame, you are my shame, we lost a game

She gives him head and heroin and now he’s truly dumb
Now not even Nestor could bring peace between myself and my son
Jacob fell far from his fathers heart through the distance was not too long
Dumb, take my wife and my black tar vice, but do not take from me,
Child don’t take my songs, don’t take my songs


Lyrics to Amen Corner

It’s glorious today so you know that it will pass away
The doves and snapping turtles bite at me
Catatonic ash, don’t bump against them tender wounds
This petunia land smells of timothy
I have read the maps of the Patron Saint of Haggard
Arm the minds of midwives who deliver thee
My hands are not enough I will swing a hammer
Amen Corners where they’ll gather and meet