More of Munly’s events

Trouble came early,
and it never left.

The problem is that we have events outside of time, yet we attempt to use a calendar page to message those events. Get it? Not so easy. But we will try:

If you set your clocks to GMT at the start of the new cycle, yet to be defined, you will be able to see our unexplainable calendar from the perspective of awareness. That would be the awareness of absence, or the situational sense of unknowing, as in confused.

But do not let that deter you from viewing this calendar and searching for its meaning. Somewhere an answer is waiting to be discovered and the quest for truth is never ending, though often fruitless. As we now may have enough content to satisfy those who need something to read, including the search bots, here lies the appointments in code for all to see, none to understand:

-##- The next payday, as always is when tomorrow is in the rising side of the wane, and the sunset complete before the moon. The pool sharks are lurking in the above ground pools by, and though things may seem to be going swimmingly, remember that you need a bathing suit to enter. There are no in ground pools here. It’s all above board and above ground so as not to be confused with graves or grave diggers, or gold diggers. Only those who want to be paid need show up at this event, unless your goal is a structured settlement. But money is not everything, only mostly so, and sometimes sartorial karma rises above the din and demands more than respect, but honor. Therefore, men need to be dressed as cowboys, the women must wear princess dresses, and all others need to rationalize their dress code publicly.

-&- In the new moon of yesterdays tomorrow when that is not today, the grand council appoints new leadership. You do not want to miss this event, so mark your calendar using invisible ink and make sure the Tooth Fairy sees your seasonal display.

-)(- On the last day of the month in which the last day falls on a February, funds will be distributed to all present at the Council Hall. There will be a long line at this venue, so plan to be there early.

There is always a line & people show up late hoping to get in but are out of luck when it comes down to it. Do not be one of those people. This is one event you want to show up on time for if it is the only thing you show up early for all year. I was one of the people who were unable to get in 2 years ago & I vowed it would never happen again. I don’t even know why I am telling you anyway. You can be as late as you like because it will ensure that I am able to get in without any problem. Thanks again & see you there.

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